This is the car our guy coveted from the day he arrived-it was pretty hard to miss. A giant white 1959 Custom “Ghostbusters” Cadillac that truly fits the bill for our discerning, yet inebriated buyer.

 It’s nostalgic.

This is a 1980s movie icon-this car was the focal point of a movie from an era when our fictional guy was much younger and living a carefree life.

As we’ve seen earlier- nostalgia+alcohol and our intrepid buyer = very erratic mix.

But this behemoth is a documented genuine Ghostbuster’s ride – and our boy gets caught up in the show-biz of a Friday night Barrett-Jackson auction.

The drinks flow freely at this TV show-Friday might be high tide for that kind of thing and our guy isn’t a practicing Mormon so here are the bids.

SOBER BID: 80,000

DRUNK BID: 175,000

ACTUAL BID: 80,000

The sober bid reflects the reality of bidding on Hollywood Cars-it’s a ton of money for a used 1959 Caddy ambulance but our bidder might come up light for a car of this notoriety. Should he pick it off for 80 K, it’s a fairly safe bet that he won’t lose money or a wife over this deal.

His biggest problem might be finding space for this land yacht on steroids so the collateral damage could be his wife’s SUV being parked outside. A minor point but it will be put on his permanent record.

The drunk bid on the Ghostbuster’s Caddy is another issue.

It could be worth more, but you can’t help thinking that the most motivated buyers are the same guys that competed against him at Barrett-Jackson. They probably won’t be that charitable after losing out to our guy.

So he might have to wait awhile until Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd pass on to Hollywood Heaven-the wife’s SUV stays outside but his investment stays protected.

Prognosis-intact marriage, weather-beaten SUV.

barrett jackson pix-3