My Star Collector Car overview

Welcome to My Star Collector Car.

We are here to celebrate the little guy who makes up the real car world.

My Star Collector Car is here to tell your story because we are the voice of the average Joe.

We are the anti - "cars are commodities like cattle" site because the old car defines the owner. It's more than 4 wheels and a steering wheel...

It's a relationship.

That's what the hobby is all about.

MyStarCollectorCar is about the average guy who has to convince a very skeptical bride that a rusty 71 Chevy Impala has more of an upside than that brand new living room furniture.

My Star is about the fact that 4 door sedans shouldn't become simple parts cars or crusher fodder because we didn't ride around in Dad's 440 cubic inch GTX convertible-we rode around in Dad's Belvedere 4 dr. sedan or wagon with the thrifty 318 cubic inch 2-barrel V8 that he bought only because the slant 6 was sold out.

Those Plain Jane cars took a lot of kids on a lot of great vacations and now we treat them like automotive lepers. We're out to change that twisted perception.

MyStarCollectorCar is about the fact that most guys aren't jillionaires so we can't keep a giant staff around just to restore cars. We have to get our hands dirty and sometimes we end up with a garage so crowded with dirty mismatched parts, bodies and frames that the mice have to live outside in a tent.

MyStarCollectorCar is about the guy who seeks out the most understanding banker on the planet because that 67 Mustang that he helped finance needed a little work-now it's spread out over 3 counties getting rebuilt. Worse yet, we add to our poor banker's cardiac problems by telling him that there might be more financing needed to cover that rebuilt motor and putting the whole sorry mess back together.

MyStarCollectorCar is about cars but more importantly it's about the STORY-the blood, sweat and tears behind your car. We'll talk about the human side of these automotive relationships and celebrate why every car is truly a star in the owner's eyes.

That's My Star Collector Car.